The team at Saif Seas has built a fully automated, indigenously engineered and highly effective water drone that prevents fatalities due to drowning in a record time of 11 months, fully bootstrapped

World Class Products

Rescue Water Drones

100% automated

Unmanned remote controlled rescue with no risk to human life in the rescue process.

Long range communication

Strong 3km communication, extendable upto 10 km on request.

Long lasting battery

90 mins on moderate load and 8 hours of GPS tracking.

Customisable for missions

Fit it with HD cameras, robotic probes or weaponry and design the drone for the job.

Superfast charging

Only 2 hours needed for full charge.

Low maintenance

Self diagnostic software for easy troubleshooting and rectification.


At just 12 kg on the scale, it is easy to handle and deploy.

deployed in seconds

Just switch it on and throw it into action.

Frequently asked questions

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Saif Seas Team has laid out the questions that we get the most about our water drone. If any doubts persist even after reading the FAQs below, please feel free to Contact Us. Our team would be happy to answer all your questions!

It can provide floatation for up to 3 people in stationary condition.

It can easily pull one fully grown adult to safety.

100 kgs according to current tests. Testing underway for new findings

The system will remain afloat even if there is no power.

Full battery drain will not occur without a warning signal.

Battery life indication shown on the remote controller device to the operator.

Electronics and thrusters are powered by different batteries. If thruster battery drains, electronics battery will still be available to give feedback of the GPS location and keep the radio communication on.

Thruster batteries will last for 90 minutes of moderate use. Electronics battery can last for up to 8 hours.

The drone loaded with a person cannot overturn. It is designed to maintain stable equilibrium. In case it overturns – the hull dynamics and body design will self-correct the drone to its stable, upright position.

The Saif Seas – water drone is completely watertight and tested for water integrity up to 10 meters of water depth. Incase of any damage on the hull and water entry, protective polyurethane foam will allow minimal water ingress hence preventing sinking.

All electronic enclosures/connectors used are water tight IP 68 plus rated and will not be affected by water ingress.

Present range is 3 km (line of sight) extendable up to 10 Km or more depending on the usage and customer requirement.

LCD gives the indication of the radio communication range, thus giving the idea up to the limits the operator has to steer Saif Seas.

Maximum speed of the empty drone is 7 knots, and speed with on boarded person is maintained at 2 knots.

Battery life is 1000 charge cycles.

With charging every day, that means a life of 2 years.

Not required. Battery if kept idle will lose only 3-5% charge in a month. If the batteries are fully charged and kept idle, it will lose its full charge after 7 months.

7 months after one full charge.


Industry Specific Drones

Coastal Surveillance

Unmanned 24×7 surveillance on the Indian coastline using a fleet of automated drones


Watersports Tourism

Defining a new category of recreation and adventure sports in water bodies

Ocean Health

Rapid salvage and damage minimization during oil spills

Geological Survey

New age oceanography with unique probing and sample collection methods

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